'I learned so much about what it takes to really market a show well and I have found a lot of stress and pressure comes from trying to do everything yourself, especially when you’re doing the creative stuff as well as the producing side. So now I have someone I know and trust'.

- Karla Hillam, performer

Don’t allow the idea of marketing your next creative project or idea overwhelm you. Instead, outsource your needs to a trusted professional.

BCauseARTS offers creative individuals, groups, ensembles, collectives or organisations the opportunity to remain focused on what matters most — creativity. BCauseARTS collaborates with you to gather the important details about you and your project or idea and executed a unique marketing strategy that best represents your talent. We’ll start with:

  • Clarifying your goals - what is it that you want out of marketing?

  • Defining the target audience - identifying the details of your ideal audience member.

  • Mapping out a multi-platform marketing plan - what platforms are available to you and your budget for the best return on investment?

  • Executing the plan - taking care to represent you and the project accurately.

In the end, you will receive a comprehensive marketing analysis report that tracks the executed plan, results from the execution and suggestions for future improvements. 

**For more information or to receive a quote, schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.