Winding Down and Setting New Goals

As the year winds down into the holidays and a turn into the new year, I find peace and comfort in reflecting and realigning my goals.

Reflecting on this past year, I feel very humbled. I am delighted to have launched BcauseARTS only a few months ago, and so far I’ve been able to accomplish the following goals: launching the BcauseARTS website, representing several talented Australian independent artists and organisations, facilitated a sponsorship between an independent artist and local business, and inspired a few Facebook followers and blog readers to unleash their creative intuition.

I now step towards 2016 with a hopeful heart.

In 2016, I plan to expand the BecauseARTS platform as a tool to profile more Australian independent artists and arts organisation. I invite Australian independent artists and arts organisations to contact me via email to assit in creating your artists profile. Please email me at

In order to continue initiating conversations through the BcauseARTS blog on topics and issues facing within the Australian independent arts sector, I invite guest writers to submit commentary pieces. Topics for discussion are unlimited and word count endless. I just ask that the material be thoroughly researched and allow for comments from the community at the end of each piece.  For the writers, I offer a global audience and is posted weekly, promoted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also invite writers to submit reviews of current Australian independent art performances, events and exhibition. Let us know where the event takes place, who and what is featured and what were the highlights of you visit.   If interested in becoming a guest blogger, please email me at

Similarly, in 2016, I invite guest writers from a non-artist perspective to offer commentary on their point-of-view about the general arts community.  Potential topics could be: personal reviews on current productions seen in the Melbourne area; what about the arts community inspires you to witness the experiences you have been to; what keeps you away from the arts community; as a businessperson, what could an arts organisation do more of to sustain itself and lean less on outside funding; if curious about philanthropy what does it mean to you and why you do or do not fund the arts outside of admission ticket prices.  Again, the topics for discussion are unlimited, and the word count endless.  Let’s educate everyone! If interested in being a business guest writer, please contact me via email at

These are just a few of my ideas for BcauseARTS in 2016. My hope is to continue an education platform with BcauseARTS – creating a safe environment for clear communication between artist, business and community. Let’s make 2016 a great year!