Welcome Melbourne’s Newest Grass-Roots Festival of Theatre: The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival

This week is the opening of Melbourne’s newest, most vibrant grass-roots festival of theatre known as The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival. Directed by the talents of Philip Hayden, Scott Major and Sonya Suares, and featuring works by TBC Theatre, Kajody Arts Productions and Man With a Plan, Fire Curtain Co. and 15 Minutes From Anywhere The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival guarantees six weeks of amazing independent theatre between 11th November through 13th December. All productions will be presented at convenient Melbourne CBD locations: fortyfivedownstairs, Victoria Trades Hall and The Butterfly Club. Wednesday night, 11th November, marks the festival’s opening, which leads with a performance of TBC Theatre’s PROJECT HYSTERIA.

The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival will feature four productions by four of Melbourne’s most talented independent theatre groups with three presentations bringing international works to the Melbourne community. TBC Theatre, an ensemble of writers, directors, actors and production specialists, brings two one-act plays from award-winning American contemporary playwright, Tennessee Williams in PROJECT HYSTERIA.   These two one-act plays are considered to be precursors to his famed plays “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Glass Menagerie”. Fire Curtain Co. brings London’s most exciting new voice in theatre, Vicky Winter’s latest work, THE ONE to the Melbourne community. This award-winning play is both dark and hilarious, and is a story about a couple trapped in a violent and destructive cycle of co-dependent love and lust. 15 Minutes From Anywhere brings Major General Kenneth Mackay’s 1895 classic of Australian literature to life in THE YELLOW WAVE – an epic saga of love heroism and sacrifice as Australia is invaded by the Mongol hordes. The only original production presented at The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival is presented in collaboration between award-winning producer, Cameron Stewart of Kajody Arts (2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival Best Producer) and Man With A Plan. GIN SISTER is an eclectic theatre piece using a combination of song, dance, verbatim, poetic self-reflections and classical text that takes its audience on a journey through the female experience of our favourite poison, alcohol.

Needless to say, there will be something for everyone’s taste at The Poppy Seed Theatre Festival. Throughout the six weeks of festivities, audience members will be have the opportunity to see something new, revisit a classic to discover new twists and join an opening night production party to befriend some of Melbourne’s elite independent theatre creators. BcauseARTS would like to wish everyone involved with the Poppy Seed Theatre Festival a happy and safe festival run, and I look forward to seeing all the productions!

For a full program of the Poppy Seed Theatre Festival, please visit www.poppyseed.net.au.