REVIEW: For a Good Time, Call the Cosmonaut

What would it be like to create, perform and sell multiple events in a single festival?  For some creatives, detailing multiple projects can seem near impossible to perfect.  But for Ryan Good, a US performer and writer, Melbourne Fringe is celebrating his multiple artistic capabilities.

Using the stage as a platform to address socially taboo topics – like sex, sexism, gender inequality and absurdities in all of these – Good is creator and performer of COSMONAUT, which relives Cosmopolitan Magazine’s worst sex tips ever written. 

After a long exposition that seems to warm up the audience to all of Good’s expected quirky performance antics, Goode finally counts down the top 10 sex tips, making sure to demonstrate the ridiculousness of each tip.   I found myself hysterically laughing and making the most cringe-forming facial expressions all at once. 

What I appreciated the most was the informative section of the performance.   Did you know that Cosmopolitan Magazine was once a socially sophisticated reference to worldly news and social events?  Neither did I!  But the magazine rebranded itself in the 1960s to become a magazine for women: providing how-to articles on pleasing a man, keeping up the womanly image while looking after the family, cooking tips for quality meals at home and advertising house cleaning products.

Around this brief moment in history lesson, Good has total fun on stage!  Everything from his costume, which is vibrantly silly and provoking for laughter, to his original poor musical segments on the ukulele and his weaving random interactions with an audience member who is invited to sit on stage throughout the entire performance.

Good closes his hysterical performance by bringing out his sensitive side: he admits he addresses this ridiculousness as an educational lesson for the most important woman in his life, his 1-year-old daughter.  He hopes to not mess up her life as much as he might have ruined his by trying some this awful sex tips.

I lift a glass…er, my beer can…to toast Ryan Good for a romping good performance in COSMONAUT.

COSMONAUT continues to perform at Arts House in North Melbourne at 8PM until October 1st.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.