Gratitude Towards Melbourne Independent Artists

You can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take the American traditions out of the girl!

Last Thursday I acknowledged my American roots by celebrating Thanksgiving – an American holiday recognising the first shared meal between the Pilgrim settlers and Native American Indians back in early 1700s. More importantly, it’s a time to spend reacquainting oneself with loved ones – family and friends.

In my family, we established a Thanksgiving tradition to remind ourselves of what we are truly grateful for in our life, and the gifts we received within the past year. This year, I am grateful for many blessings, but what I am most thankful for this year is ART – the brave, talented Melbourne independent artists who share their gifts with all of us by expressing their ideas in their arts projects, and the opportunities we, the public, receive to experience these amazing wonders. I am also grateful for the surrounding audience members who share in the marvel these gifts as their presence influences my experience with art.

My Thanksgiving meal…YUM!

My Thanksgiving meal…YUM!

This week, I am grateful to be attending the following events that help me in my continuing efforts to be a proud independent artists supporter:

This Wednesday, I will be attending a graduation performance by the Impromptunes, a musical improv troupe, at The Butterfly Club. Students from the troupe’s most recent program are celebrating their graduation from the program by showing off their skills in front of an audience. I’m really excited to be apart of improv – an art form that challenges performers to be vulnerable in front of an audience by creating entertaining scenes on the spot. The Impromptunes add to this daring art form the art of singing – ASTOUNDING! I wonder if any of the made-up tunes will make it on a new record in time for Christmas? Ha!

Speaking of improv, on Friday night I will be attending a performance by established Melbourne improv theatre company, Melbourne Playback Theatre, at La Mama Theatre. Melbourne Playback Theatre is an ensemble group of musicians and actors who use improv to “play back” audience’s stories in action for the purpose of gaining deeper understanding amongst human experiences. After receiving rave reviews from their last performance reflecting on climate change, Melbourne Playback Theatre’s two performances this weekend, Friday and Saturday nights, will allow audiences to celebrate great moments experienced during 2015. I am looking forward to witnessing the magic of this amazing company during an evening set inside La Mama’s intimate space.

In between, on Thursday evening, I will browse through vendor stalls with the hopes to begin my Christmas shopping at Northcote Townhall’s Kris Kringle Night Market. This annual night market allows local craft artists to sell their product goods to the public, an opportunity for individuals to support small, local businesses. I love these kinds of markets because in my observation, the local product artists are super talented – I’ve seen and purchased some really cute gems for people as gifts!

It’s the little things that I am quite thankful for this year. I am most thankful for the unknown talents scattered around Melbourne. I challenge my readers to reflect frequently throughout the holiday season on what you are most thankful for.   Be brave and share some thankfulness below in the comments.