Review: Polica Shows Grace and Humility to Melbourne Recital Centre

I am so pleased that my first visit to the fabulous Melbourne Recital Center, a visit where I actually got to sit down inside the beautiful Elizabeth Murdoch Room, was to witness the 2nd ONLY Melbourne performance of Polica. A four-piece electronic ensemble from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Polica took its audience on an incredibly inspiring and authentic musical journey that showcased their deepest fears, coolest calms and the reason why their music radiates with a range of audience types.

As Polica graced the stage, the crowd clapped with enthusiastic delight. Presenting little talk – only small moments where confessions from lead singer and techno queen-bee, Channy Leaneagh revealed how important this visit to Melbourne is to them (their second ever because of a genuine fear of flying) – Polica played song after song showcasing fan favourite tracks and new works from their most recently released album. My favourite part of the performance was the lesson Polica unconsciously gave me: For any artist asking themselves how to convince an audience that their artistry is worth their attention, Polica is a great example. From the drop of the first beat Leaneagh, a soft-spoken and shy woman, transformed into an ethereal soul-confident performer of royalty. Leaneagh’s body language illustrated how much she lost herself in the music, opening herself to such vulnerability in front of her audience. It was clear that all that mattered in that moment, and every moment throughout the performance, was the music. Leaneagh confidently showed us class and grace.

And because of that energy, it was hard not to lose yourself in the music too.

It’s always great to be inspired by artists of all different mediums. I am so thankful that Polica inspired me with the lesson that having full belief in your artistic capabilities is easy to sell when you are confident enough to groove to your own drum beat.