REVIEW: BOMB COLLAR Sets Off a Crowd Pleasing Performance

If I could take liberty to imagine the Hunger Games spread all over the world, and not just selected individuals represented tribes everywhere but tribes recruited individuals to form military regimes, this might be our future in about 50 years time.  Now, like many military perks between battles, entertainers come to give relief to military men and women after battle.  But in this case, this entertainer has to choose whether to live or die from his performance.

This extreme scenario is the background of BOMB COLLAR – a futuristic story about a treasured electro-pop performer fighting for his life through performance. 

Now, stretch your imagination because these circumstances seems far fetched, but giving into the temporary reality allows audience members to enjoy this wonderfully simple and unique performance by singer/musician Nick Delatovic..

Delatovic does push to please the audience; after all his life depends on it because there is a unique device around his neck representing a bomb.  As a peace offering, he distributes ‘happy medicine’ that allegedly soothes away the stress from the day’s battle.  Not to worry, it’s really just a jellybean J

Delatovic has genuinely quality vocal chops!  His catchy back-beats, amplified from a small speaker strapped to his chest, compliment these vocal abilities and add to the great performance.  It can be easy to compare his music to that of 80s pop sounds and Morrisey.

The small space within the Parlous Room of Arts House (or North Melbourne Townhall) works well to create a pleasant and intimate Fringe experience.

It's great to see a music performance like BOMB COLLAR within a theatre space.  For it reminds audiences that no matter what art form is expressed, they are willing to please the crowd through life or death.

BOMB COLLAR performs are at 6:30PM at Arts House in North Melbourne until September 23rd. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.