Review: Oh What a Night! – The Melbourne Monologues Brilliantly Showcases Melbourne Writers and Performers

All great writers emerge from somewhere.  Here in Melbourne, we are lucky to have groups like Melbourne Writer’s Theatre to support the emergence of some amazing new and established talents.

Since 1982, Melbourne Writer’s Theatre has been supporting emerging and established writers by providing them a platform to showcase their works.  In the company’s latest production at the La Mama Courthouse Theatre, The Melbourne Monologues showcases the beautiful writings of Louise Baxter, Christine Croyden, Alison Knight, Mazz Ryan and Bruce Shearer.  Though each piece delivers a unique perspective and individual qualities, together, under the direction of Elizabeth Walley, these six monologues showcased how brilliantly, cleverly and compelling new writers challenge our everyday perceptions.

Even more so, The Melbourne Monologues also elegantly showcases the incredible talent of some of Melbourne’s emerging and veteran actors.  Standout performances included Isabella Gilbert, who embodied an individual pursuing a career change as a rapper wholeheartedly, convincing the audience in the power of self-belief.  Performer, Stephanie King also gives a standout performance portraying a mild-mannered woman delighting over the development of a love affair with gardening and the man behind the garden tools. 

Catching a glimpse of some of the emerging and established talent within Melbourne Writer’s Theatre by attending The Melbourne Monologues excites for a bright and fulfilling future in theatre.

The Melbourne Monologues performs at The La Mama Courthouse Theatre until November 13th.  To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.