On My Eighth Day @ Adelaide Fringe Festival There Was Life

Life.  It’s a rollercoaster!  My eighth day at the Adelaide Fringe Festival touched on points in life where we all experience highs and lows.  It was a gentle reminder to enjoy the ride of life and not take a single moment for granted.

What if your life was presented to you in a box?  Would you open it?  In the delightful theatrical production, THE PACKAGE, a creative team of theatre artists from Alice Springs addresses socially-hidden subjects of old-age and death. 

The story evolves around an elderly woman as she approaches her final moments of life.  She travels through a personal journey presented through packages that are delivered by magical spirits.  What’s inside these packages takes the woman back in time to remind her of the high and low moments throughout her enriched life.

Technically speaking, THE PACKAGE captures the mystery, innovation and wonder of live theatre. Using theatrical elements such as mask, puppetry, live music and animation, THE PACKAGE provides quality family entertainment.  However, be warned that the production does make sexual references at one point, which some parents might not find suitable for their children.    

Speaking of packages, as an artist takes an idea to then transform it into a show, sometimes simplicity is the best way to package it.  In HUMPTY DUMPTY DADDY, storyteller, Joel Clapham regales his experiences with his own father who inspires him to be the kind of father he is today.  A simply honest and raw approach to performing, Clapham simply stands on a bare stage that is dressed only with a single microphone and two small stools on either side of him for a bottle of a sweat rag.  As a bonus, Clapham openly discusses his personal bouts with depression and anxiety, which his father also experienced. 

Clapham’s performance is neither standup nor a theatrical experience; however, his storytelling is charming and gripping.  In the end, I couldn’t help but deeply appreciate his authentic spirit.

Lastly, for all those women who have a ‘complicated’ relationship with their mother, catch all of your thoughts exposed in the raw retrospective that is MATROPHOBIA.  Presented by Daughters Collective, MATROPHOBIA highlights the sadly truthful and extremely accurate fear of one day becoming a clone to your mother.  Why torture yourself to become a woman who unashamedly sings at the top of her lungs with a voice so out of pitch?   Why obsess over organization of the household to the point that every little detail is taken care of without a flaw?  Why lose a sense yourself over time for the sake of other people?  Why?  Because, as a mom, it’s what you do. 

Uniquely presented and acutely thought provoking, MATROPHOBIA highlights the cyclical growth women experience throughout life: from spoiled, ungrateful bitches who snicker at moms for being uncool, to then desperately wanting to become a mom one day.  Over all, MATROPHOBIA is a celebration of womanhood that reminds us that through disagreements between mothers and daughters, we truly cannot help but love moms unconditionally and infinitely.

For more information on these shows, or to purchase tickets, please visit the Adelaide Fringe Festival website.