Day One @ Adelaide Fringe Festival: ALTAR GIRL Sets a 'Fringe' Tone

Though most of day one was spent traveling to the Adelaide Fringe Festival, I am glad I jumped right into a taxi from the airport to see ALTAR GIRL at the Tunnels in the Treasury’s Adina Hotel. 

Written by Hannah Samuel, ALTAR GIRL uses Shakespeare’s Othello as a source of inspiration to set this unique story into the experience of today’s teen pressures.  The production uniquely addresses issues like sexuality, peer pressure, the climb within social hierarchy (particularly the ambition to be ‘queen bee’) and the consequences of maintaining a presence on social media.

The Melbourne-based ensemble cleverly uses Adina Hotel's tunnels throughout the performance.  Expect to be escorted down into an underground dungeon room where fairy-lights and electric candles cast the right amount of shadows.  Techno background music is played loudly enough to slightly strain just be able to hear bits and pieces of conversation (it is turned down enough throughout the meat of the performance).  And splashed across the floor are signs of typical party litter - plastic cups, beer cans, liquor bottles, napkins, etc.  Together, these elements truly immerses punters into the point-of-view of a young person's party environment. 

Furthermore, as the audience is sat literally meters away from the action, everything the actors say and do gets personal.  We feel sympathy, hate and hope for certain characters throughout the story.  Not surprisingly, this production unapologetically pushes the boundaries throughout the performance, and it is awesome!

An added cool feature at the show is the option to purchase a program for a small coin donation, which proceeds from these sales help raise money for an LGBT organisation.  Not only are audiences supporting the arts while attending this production, but also supporting issues young people value!

For an immersive fringe experience, or to step into the shoes of today’s young generation, check out ALTAR GIRL!  

ALTAR GIRL runs until March 11th at Treasury’s Adina Apartment Hotel.  For more information, or to purchase tickets visit