Disruptive Marketing is a Gift Artists Can Use to Their Advantage

In case you haven't experienced it, marketing is tough!  Thanks to the rapid growth in technology, our increased need for immediacy and the decrease in our attention spans, consumers and patrons are overwhelmed and over saturated with options promising them a better quality of life: everything from products, services and entertainment.  Even the most influential and expert marketing professionals are struggling to define easy, effective marketing strategies for anyone’s use.  We are in the midst of disruption in marketing and self-promotional efforts! 

No wonder many independent artists struggle with marketing and self-promotion for their own artistic practice! 

For a more positive experience managing marketing strategies, there are two ways an artist can embrace the disruption: 1.) Think of the disruption as a gift for your creativity; and 2.) Focus on listening to your audience as they grow with you.    

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated, artists can look at the disruption in marketing as a gift - one that artists can take full advantage of.   This major disruption means that there are no right OR wrong ways to go about grabbing an audience’s attention.  Utilise your unique creativity as much as you use your creative abilities within your arts projects.  Artists challenge audiences by presenting ideas that provoke emotion and intellectual thought or conversation.  Similarly, artists can create marketing content that promotes their work as well as challenges marketing norms.  By focusing on the use of the artist's gift through marketing creative individuals, the artists, may become influential to changes in others' approaches.

Once your marketing strategy is created and executed, start focusing your energy on listening to your audience with intent and purpose.  Be mindful of their reactions.  Ask for genuine feedback from your audience in order to what within the strategy clearly communicated.  Obtain information like was content presented on social media effective; was an advertisement in a publication catchy; did the strategy spark conversation within the community that spread word of mouth?  These critical questions can help focus your future efforts so that your efforts are lighter and your budget stronger. 

Do not feel overwhelmed by the disruption in marketing.  Instead think of it as a gift that allows the artist creative freedom to connect with an audience unbounded by rules.  Once your content is released, switch your focus to listening to your audience for critical feedback.  Knowing what content worked, where it was placed and how it resonated with your audience will save you stress and money for the future.  Feel FREE, have FUN and get FOCUSED about your marketing and audience development strategies today!

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