Oh the horror!  Oh the screams!  Oh the pole dancing!  TERROR AUSTRALIS, created and performed by Leah Shelton, is a cabaret that reveals the darker side of Australia with a delightful humour.

Set to classic rock tunes of the late 80s – think of tunes like Def Leopard – Shelton showcases her graceful talent while moving across the stage and onto a stage pole – an upright clothes line garnished with white linens and clothes.  Cleverly hidden amongst the linens are props and costume accessories which Shelton uses during song transitions and storyline changes.  Another clever tool presented on stage is film footage projected on the hanging linens displaying sometimes-gruesome images influenced by classic 19050s horror movies that show Australia’s ‘dangerous’ side in bushlands. 

Shelton is a witty and inhibited performer that delights her audiences with graceful pole dancing.  My favourite trait about TERROR AUSTRALIS is that it is a show that makes art accessible for all and proves that late night performances can be deliciously camp and entertaining.

TERROR AUSTRALIS is a part of Melbourne Fringe Festival and performs until October 1st at 9:15PM.  For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.