REVIEW: While Hiding Our Secrets We Find Ourselves in THE THICK OF IT

Trying to hide your darkest secrets - your bad habits, your quirky passions, your family heritage – is not always easy to maintain.  What does it look like through the eyes of another as we try our best to hide these secrets?  Award-winning performer, Emily Taylor, explores the comedic behaviours of humans trying to maintain good impressions as their world crumbles underneath.

Taylor seamlessly weaves in and out of the lives four characters: an overconfident single career woman, the lonely rough-life sea captain, a life-empowering yogi and a chronic alcoholic giving life advice.  Amongst their individual circumstances, each character tries their best to maintain good graces in front of others – they are strong, confident and sure about themselves.  But as time progresses, circumstances change causing these characters to reveal their deepest, most sour secrets.  The end leaves the audience to either sympathise or laugh in hysterics over unique behaviour.

It is no wonder Taylor has earned multiple awards throughout her artistic career.  Her impeccable character development and performance is wonderful to witness.  What’s most impressive is her ability she jumps instantaneously from one character and set of circumstances into another instantaneously.  Taylor distinguishes the differences of each character through vocal, facial and gestural variations. 

With a performance this intricate, it is hard to imagine that by the end Taylor still has energy remaining to invite audience members for conversation and a drink at the bar.  However, her endurance is a pleasant validation that Taylor controls the stage environment. In fact, she literally makes it her home.

As a Melbourne Fringe performance, Taylor provides audiences the opportunity to witness the hard work and intricate talent of independent artists.  THE THICK OF IT is a brilliant observational style satire that peels back the layers of human existence to reveal some of our darkest secrets, fears and dreams underneath.

THE THICK OF IT performs at The Butterfly Club through September 25th at 8:30PM.  For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival website.