Review: Teamwork Between a Dancer, a Painter and a Musician in FINAL MOMENT

For a more artsy and experimental addition to your evening spent at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival, begin with a visit to the Conduit Art Space on Brunswick Street in Fitrzoy for the 20 minute performance of FINAL MOMENT.

Conceived and performed by contemporary dancer Jack Riley, visual artist Andrew Treloar and musician Jordan White, FINAL MOMENT is an experimental cross-art performance testing the question ‘what do you get if you put a dancer and a painter in a room together?’ The result is a beautiful art installation inspired by teamwork between performers, the environment and the audience.

The visual result to last night’s FINAL MOMENT performance!

The visual result to last night’s FINAL MOMENT performance!

The Conduit Space has a large window facing Brunswick Street that allows any passerby to watch the performance with curiosity; a strong incentive to draw a crowd to a Fringe event. Most exciting, and subtle, is witnessing the clear way the performance changes by elements seeping through the window – the streetlights create shadows adding another layer to the dance performance and visual creation occurring on stage. Even as the trams rode by, the sound inspires the musician to catch and loop sound effects that add texture to the accompaniment.

What was most interesting throughout the 20 minute performance were these scattered moments where the audience is questioning who is following whom? All performers watched each other with a keen eye, changing their movements according to the other.

FINAL MOMENT represents the spirit of what the Melbourne Fringe Festival is all about – an opportunity for artists to try new ideas.