BCauseARTS provides services for Australia‚Äôs independent artists to assist in focusing their creative pursuits through marketing and audience development.  Below are just some of the ways BCauseARTS helps artists:

  • Gain confidence in valuing their arts practice

  • Set clear goals for their arts practice

  • Create and implement a plan of action to achieve goals

  • Understand and develop unique marketing, branding and audience outreach strategies

  • Develop long-term relationships with audience members, collaborators and industry professionals.

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April Erskine has over 10 years experience working within the professional arts community. She began as a performance artist and later discovered her true vocation in Audience Development and Marketing. In positions as Marketing Director, Audience Development Director and Producer, April has helped arts organisations execute successful multi-media marketing campaigns, establish specific processes that generate long-term relationships with audience members and turn ticket buyers into annual donors. April enjoys working with Australia's independent artists providing them with the tools and techniques in marketing and audience development that lead them to a more sustainable artistic career.


  • To empower independent artists through marketing & audience development strategies that sustain their creative practice.

  • To facilitate the development of long-term relationships between artist and audience members.

  • To advocate on behalf of independent creatives ensuring valid recognition within society.


  • Independent creatives, their products and services beneficially contribute to the community around them

  • Independent artists are able to sustain a unique artistic practice.

  • Independent artists confidently, graciously and clearly express their artistic practice to the community.

  • Independent arts understand and establish a business model including marketing, branding and audience development that works for their artistic practice and sustains their craft without future means of funding.