April is a switched-on, driven and experienced arts marketing specialist
— Mike McEvoy, Theatre maker

BCauseARTS empowers creativity individuals, collectives, troupes, ensembles and organisations in Melbourne, Australia by providing services that introduce their ideas and projects to targeted audiences.

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By allowing you the space to focus on what matters most, working with BCauseARTS brings clarity to you and your project. Let a professional marketer clarify your promotional goals and then reach them while you remain focused on creating amazing work!


Have the confidence to know that your marketing is in good hands! BCauseARTS has over ten years of experience promoting theatrical productions involved in festivals and one-off events for individuals, groups and organisations. The ability to manage multi-platform promotions for audiences of all shapes, sizes and interests is impeccable.

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BCauseARTS is absolutely focused on your success. We’re here to make YOU look and feel good when going public.